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We match lovers of art & design, collectors, and Art Hubs (galleries, museums,  foundations, etc) with Creative minds: easy access to limited editions of Art, Design Items, and Fashion, as collectible, gift, or personal everyday use. Creators can effortlessly add new revenue streams through a fair share of the commercial value of their creative work along the complete lifecycle: initial sale and auction of their work + design items. 


More than a platform, a community & lifestyle for creators, collectors, art & design lovers surrounded by the touch of art.


  • Art & Design Lovers have easy access to choose between open or limited editions of Art and Design items either for collectors (as a store of value), for a unique present, or for personal joy.

  • They can build their collection or combine artwork with useful everyday items, like a phone, a dress, a bag, and thus wear a unique look with the touch of an artist.

  • Creators get a digital monetization channel and a fair share of the commercial value for their artwork and its use along the complete lifecycle: sale and auction. 

  • Creators choose whether they want to offer their work as an open or limited edition, also to make their artwork stand alone or for a combination with design items, which can be limited in number as well.

  • Each piece is authenticated with a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). This allows an efficient redistribution of revenues including royalties from potential future trading of their work.

  • Collectors:  NFT allows proof of ownership for collectors.

  • Auctions: take place when limited editions are reaching their limit.

  • Club: Collectors and fans meet our artists. Periodically, we will be hosting online events interviewing our creators to get to know them better, to understand their source of creation, their beautiful mind, and the force behind their work. Members of the club can vote, propose new ideas, features, or introduce their favorite artists to the platform and get rewarded with AM-Tokens for making our platform a better art world. 


Design Items:

  • Timeless:  just like great artworks never die, trend does not define artists-made items. 

  • Stylish: because we will be carrying out something so meaningful, like the touch of a brush or an incredibly outsourced series of pixels in balance, we should do it like we mean it, with style and character.

  • Practical: defines our lifestyle today. From craftsmanship to industrialization, our lifestyle has defined who we are today, travelers, global, multitasking, and therefore, practical.

  • Quality: contributes to the environment by promoting durability and less waste.

  • Consciousness: we aim for working with providers and producers who consider the safety, rights, and well-being of others.

ARTIST-Made team

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